Microsoft Edge 100 upgrades sleeping tabs for maximum efficiency


Microsoft Edge 100 becomes the first Edge browser to get the upgrade in the sleeping tabs to prevail the maximum efficiency. It is Microsoft’s endeavor to cut down its browser’s performance and ensure the most efficient performance when the multiple pages are loading on to a browser at the same instance.

In its blog post, Microsoft has published the announcement, where it shares the amount of CPU usage that may be consumed and what part can be avoided when the sleeping tabs increases in the Microsoft Edge 100 browser. The blog post goes on to say that with the introduction to Microsoft Edge 100, the company has updated sleeping tabs to increase efficiency while the pages share a browsing instance with another page to go to sleep. This transition will get an average of 8% more tabs to sleep, letting you save some more resources. Accordingly, up to 85% of memory gets saved with each sleeping tab with 99% CPU for Edge.

One can come to an observation of Microsoft ensuring its Edge browser’s performance getting highly optimized like never before. Meanwhile, the company will no longer push for Edge as the best browser until the browser finds its way to climbing the market share itself gradually. The browser has, however, overpowered the Safari browser as the second most-used desktop browser. Despite this, Safari has the potential for a major comeback, so the Edge needs to maintain its place through its performance. Meanwhile, Chrome, the most-used web browser seems unbeatable and undefeated by any other web browser, upholding its position firmly with its mighty performance ever since it came to the top in the rankings. Beating Chrome is harder than anything else, but trying is not so hard, and that’s what Edge seems to be following with the recent announcements, advancements, and upgrades in the browser.