Clubhouse’s new ‘protected profile’ setting option for all users

Clubhouse’s new ‘protected profile’ setting option for all users


The clubhouse is on the verge of launching new protected profile settings for its users to hide their latest interactions on the app from others as announced on Wednesday. This new feature is being considered to be launched amid the Russia-Ukraine war situation to let the users feel safe while discussing the Clubhouse app.

Reportedly, the new feature will chiefly limit the user activities for their followers. To enable the protection, the user will have to enable the toggle button to the protected profile option. Once enabled, the new users will now have to ask your permission to follow you. Also, all your activities, including the rooms, clubs, and replays joined should remain hidden and wouldn’t be visible to the public until they are your follower.

Clubhouse, on its website, has cleared that this step is being taken by the company in order to safeguard the Russian users from any harm if they speak against the ongoing war and Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The statement by Clubhouse in its blog post reads, “We’ve been humbled to hear so many stories from people on the ground in Ukraine, to listen to Russians speaking out against the war, and to find that–no matter the hour–the 24/7 Ukraine Sitrep room has been there for us to process the invasion and its impact on the world.”

Additionally, in a blog post Clubhouse says that the feature will get the user’s profile out of sight and unapproachable, so the users who don’t follow you wouldn’t know you are online, and your profile will reflect as a recommendation to other users in the app. Moreover, Clubhouse issues a warning to its users to use the app carefully and even be cautious while having their say.

The update is currently available to both iOS and Android users.